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Vision, Mission and Objectives

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  • Vision, Mission and Objectives

Vision, Mission and Objectives


A society where everyone enjoys access to justice and development opportunities


Strive to forge good governance, protect basic rights and foster human development for the citizens of Pakistan particularly women, children, transgender persons and religious minorities

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Cultivate a culture of a transparent, accountable, democratic and good governance to promote justice and human rights
  2. Enable citizens to enjoy their fundamental rights as enshrined in national constitution and international treaties
  3. Combat with gender inequality through social, democratic and economic empowerment of women and transgender persons  
  4. Promote rights and development of children, and protect them from hazardous forms of labour
  5. Build peace, develop social and religious harmony, and reduce extremisms by engaging youth
  6. Reduce economic exploitation and poverty by strengthening economic position of vulnerable youth