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Research Study on Transgender Community in Punjab Pakistan

The transgender community is one among those communities in Pakistan that are beleaguered and marginalised by our society. They are highly vulnerable to undergo endemic social injustice. At the Good Thinkers Organization for Human Development (GTO), we although have been striving hard to improve democratic and socio-economic status of this community since 2013; but amid designing our interventions, we consistently felt immense need to document concrete insights on all key aspects of this community throughout Punjab province. We considered it critical to develop a valid baseline that may provide us a ground to expand our outreachin the province accordingly. Hence, this situational assessment study has not only fulfilled our need but also generated a voluminous body of knowledge for the relevant stakeholders who incline to add any contribution in improving lives of trans-community. The study highlights numerous issues that are prevalent in society, and draws upon the stakeholders to contribute in addressing those issues. This assessment study provides useful information about number, demography, lifestyle, professions, social and self-esteemed needs, basic rights, and the issues of trans-persons. Conducting this study was a challenging milestone coupled with time and resource constraints. The assessment team, therefore, deserves a big laud and felicitation on successful completion of this study. The study, however, could have not been made possible without the valuable support from sponsor of our project, consultant, transgender activists and the respondents. We, therefore,would like to pay our heartiest thanksto all those who played their key roles in enabling us to achieve this milestone. First and foremost, we wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Norwegian Human Rights Fund (NHRF) which sponsored this study under the project titled as “Engaging rights-defenders to streamline access of transgender persons to justice and basic human rights in Kasur”. Established in 1988, NHRF is a Norwegian civil society foundation working to protect and promote human rights internationally through direct support to organisations. It also has provided monetary aid to many other organisations in Pakistan. We are also thankful to the consultant of this study who volunteered the consultancy services (with nominal honorarium). Similarly, we received sufficient support from our volunteers for collecting data. We are deeply indebted to District Officer Social Welfare and transgender activists of Kasur who helped us contacting and interviewing respondents in targeted districts. A few of activists even accompanied us while collecting data from other districts. In the end, we are also grateful to the respondents who spared their time and provided us information by answering the questions. We, once again, wish to extend bundle of thanks for all who added their contribution in this promising study.


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