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Engaging rights-defenders to streamline access of transgender persons to justice and basic human rights in Kasur

This project will directly benefit to all 750 transgender persons of district Kasur in one or other way. All transgender persons will have equal chances of reaping the benefits of this project. However particular concentration will be given to those transgender persons who are victims of any abuse, exploitation and violence. All transgender persons will have equal opportunity to: a) avail legal aid and guidance from legal advisor/lawyer throughout the project life; b) register their complaints over telephone helpline and seek legal guidance accordingly; c) seek legal support from Police Department and District Bar Council when required; d) interact with Government Departments to gain their basic human rights; and e) get respect and social acceptance from people in society.


Making Kasur a Gender Based Violence Free District in Punjab

The Good Thinkers Organization, Aurat Foundation and OXFAM-GB, jointly working to minimize gender based violence from Kasur. Various sessions are going on with the women local leaders, community activists, government departments, Bar Association and other civil society.